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Philosophers' Carnival



The Philosophers' Carnival Facebook feed (extra curated links between editions!)

This page last updated: November 10, 2015.

What is this site?
This site is the homepage for the Philosophers' Carnival project, which aims to showcase the best philosophical posts from a wide range of weblogs. We invite submissions from bloggers and readers, and periodically collate the submitted posts into one big round-up (or "carnival"). Note that editions of the Carnival are only sometimes hosted here.

NEWS (10 Nov 2015): The Carnival homepage (which you are looking at now) has been given a new design. Also, some recent milestones:

- On May 26, 2015 our Facebook feed reached 1000 likes.
- On August 15, 2014 the Philosophers' Carnival had its 10th anniversary.

NEWS (9 Oct 2012): After eight years of running the Carnival, Richard Yetter Chappell of Philosophy et cetera has handed its organization over to Tristan Haze of Sprachlogik. The edition for the 10th of October will be posted on Sprachlogik, together with an outline of new hopes, plans and strategies for the project.

What is the purpose of the carnival?
The Philosophers' Carnival has three primary purposes:
  • To showcase the best philosophical writing in the blogosphere, in one convenient location, for the benefit of philosophically-inclined readers.
  • To provide lesser-known philosophy bloggers with the opportunity to gain some exposure and attract a wider audience. 
  • To foster and promote the free online dissemination of serious philosophy.
Submissions Wanted:
We need submissions for posts to include in the carnival. Do you have a philosophy blog? If so, simply choose a favourite from among your recent posts, and submit it using the following form:

How many submissions can I make?
We would ask that you restrain yourself to one submission per author per carnival edition (with a maximum of 3 authors for group blogs). We welcome repeat participants in future carnivals, however. Indeed, with several weeks to prepare, many philosophy bloggers may be able to come up with something worth submitting to each carnival.

Can I nominate someone else's post?
Sure! Simply indicate in your submission that you are not the author of the post being submitted. (That way we can honour the author's personal preference if they submit a different post on their own.)

The carnival is hosted by a different blog each month. Volunteers wanted! Read the hosting guidelines if you're interested, and email Tristan Haze (my name, no spaces or punctuation, at gmail dot com).